Sori Yanagi

Iron Pan w/ Stainless Steel Lid


A frying pan that has a unique structure and material design. With its fiber line processed material, avoid burning any ingredients you cook, while enjoying its multi-functional shape. Enjoy the distinctive look this frying pan will bring to your kitchen.

With its long handle, double fiber processed material, and sprouts on either side of the frying pan, make this the most ideal frying pan to have in your kitchen. The material of the pan helps avoid the burning of your food and the long handle helps avoid burning your hand, while the sprouts help with pouring out any cooked items. The lid also has a unique shape that allows you to control how sealed or how vented you would like your frying pan to be. Designed by the world-renowned industrial designer, Sori Yanagi, a designer whose work has been featured in MoMA to the Louvre, has carefully designed the stainless steel Iron Frying Pan to make sure it exceeds everyone’s expectations in not only design but functionality as well. 

• 17" W x 4.5" H x 10" Ø (with Handle)

• Blue Tempered Steel
 18-8 Stainless Steel (Lid)

• Volume 13.5 fl oz
• Weight 2 lbs

• Hand Wash With a Soft Sponge and Dry Immediately.
• Gas, Electric and Induction Stove safe.

• Niigata, Japan