Large Donabe Steamer


This one pot is all you need to quickly and easily steam an array of nutrient and flavor-packed dishes.

This is the secret to delicious food. Utilizing far-infrared rays and intense steam, this Donabe Steamer steams food quickly, firmly encapsulating ingredients' nutrients without letting any of its flavors to escape. Steaming food is an excellent way to achieve exceptionally healthy and tantalizing dishes. Vegetables take on a completely new texture, juicy and luscious with a fresh, crispy snap; excess fat on meat and fish is discarded. This steamer is also actually two pots in one – remove the ceramic steam grate, and this steamer transforms into a typical earthenware pot.


• 8" H x 12" Ø

• Clay

• Volume 100 fl oz
• Weight 12 lbs

• Hand Wash
• Gas Stove and Oven (up to 500℉/ 250℃) Safe
• Not Microwave or Electric and Induction Cooktop Safe

• Mie, Japan