Small Sumac Haze Candles

Omori Warosoku

Small Sumac Haze Candles

Two hand-made, genuine Japanese candles with 100% natural sumac (HAZE) wax.
Each piece is literally hand-made by the master craftsmen at DAIYO in Shiga Prefecture using 100% natural materials. It is said that the number of master candle-making craftsmen counts only 10 in Japan.
The Japanese candle wick is hollow made of WASHI-paper, rush weeds and silk fibers. A piece of WASHI-paper is first rolled and wrapped with rush weeds. Silk fibers are then used to hold the weeds in place.
They burn stably and beautifully with a larger flame than the conventional western candles. As only natural ingredients are used, they create less soot and odor when extinguished.